It’s been a while…

…. I didn’t add something new here, but it doesn’t mean I’m not making new cakes, desserts, experiencing and learning a new recipes, then making a proof with a picture…well, not everytime anyway, because sometimes I forgot and unfortunately, only remember then when my little monsters almost devour everything :p

And honestly, I don’t know how is it with other peoples, but my mood change like the seasons, when its come to winter, I always feel gloomy, not always had the mood to do an elaborated cuisine, I do made an effort for the days around xmas and new year eve for a diner at home, when, generally we have families, friends invited. And also like each years, I made sweets and cookies with my girls, then they’ll offert some for their room teachers for a Xmas treat.

casino'14 xmastreat'14

When the January come, that’ll the peak season of my gloomy mood days….my girls started asking when will I made a cake again ?! I did once, of course, for the 13th January, ’twas only because of that day is my hubby’s birthday :p

February…well, I like that month, because of the St. Valentin (each years my hubby give me a bouquet of roses which their numbers show the age since our first valentine we spent together, so this year is 17). In the end of february, I have my bday and in France we have also fête chandeleur in the beginning of february, we made crêpes, its the tradition ! And in my last bday, I have the luxe for having my girls and their dad preparing the diner together, well, I still gave them some recipes, Tatiana preparing a simple side dish to accompany the rice (beef marinated in bulgogi sauce sauteed with julienne vegetables), while Caitlin and my hubby preparing the pineapple cake for dessert, but Caitlin complaint a lot, telling me that her dad eat the ingredients !! she makes me laughing when I heard how she growls to her dad lol

1caitlin&ludo'sMars, my daughter’s Tatiana bday in 17th ! its her who trigger my hobbies of making a fun cake, decorating a simple chocolate cake to a castle with princess or a garden flowers, started when she has her 2nd bday….but this year, she’s 12 years old ! and doesnt want to celebrate by inviting her friends at home, asking me to have a simple family diner, only inviting her grandma with us, having a raclette dinner and for dessert an ice cream cake.

fruity glace cake
So, when her room teacher suggest her students to bring some sweets to the class last 27 mars, I suggested to Tatiana to bring a cake for sharing it with her teacher and classmates. She asking me a cake with spring theme.

spring's here

Apparently they’re enchanted for the cake, because the teacher and some of Tatiana’s classmates gave me a note with their ‘cute’ thankful words, I really didn’t expect this and sincerely touched !

Sans titre

But now, the spring is really here, the sun shining while the sky is clear blue, it’s still a bit cold, especially in the morning and at night, but like a sun rise to light up the sky, that’s bring the light on my gloomy moods days too, I feel much better with the sun, maybe because I was born and grown up in a country which has a lot of sun all along the year, so this makes me always in my better moods when its comes the spring, summer until mid autumn only……


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